40” or 1 meter long Sangak bread
Baked in less than 3 minutes

High End Commercial Bakery Ovens

Prepare Best Quality Flatbreads for Your Customers

Custom Made Ovens For Super Markets & Coffee Shops

High Quality & Custom Design Commercial Bakery Ovens

In the last 10 years, artisan flatbreads have become more popular among ethnic communities as well as North American consumers. Sangak Oven is a leading manufacturer of custom designed commercial bakery ovens. Sangak’s rotary ovens have been perfected over the years to prepare the best flatbreads like taftoons and sangak for your customers.

The ovens are built for in-store bakery corners and are usually found inside a super market or pastry, coffee shop which enhances and compliments other areas of the business such as in-store and take out dining. Our mission is not completed until you are ready to produce all kinds of authentic, organic and tender persian flatbreads ready to deliver to your customers.

Great Performance

Our commercial ovens are constructed using a sophisticated refractory material that delivers dramatically better oven performance than traditional ovens.

Modular Oven

Our modular ovens can be easily assembled anywhere. Our professionals will help install them in your facility and also guide you on how to use it for various purposes.

Custom Equipment

At Sangak Oven, we have designed and built a wide range of custom equipment from dough mixer, dough divider to dough sheeter. We also provide recipes and training.

Reasonable Prices

Our equipment is designed and created to provide consistent, cost efficient and delicious results at reasonable prices. Call us today to know more.

What Sets Us Apart

To make quality artisan flatbreads, our ovens feature a fire breaker combustion chamber simulating authentic traditional ovens with atmospheric direct flame burner system for efficiency and better quality of bread. Variable adjustable table speed and baking time control, heavy insulating material that can be custom decorated and clean gas-air mixture system that ensures heat efficiency and comfortable environment.

Adjustable day light gap for baking other products such as pizza or pita bread. Open front load concept for easy and comfortable operation, heavy duty caster and cooking plates with choice of texture for different applications and a modular design that can be assembled in the store. Sangak Oven also provides the dough mixer and dough divider, dough sheeter as well recipes and training.

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